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Very powerful writing, and I would have liked more.
I really enjoyed the depth of each word on this piece Purity. Here is the only small part I think confused me - '...steep ravine of escape,' - death has a connotation of 'going down.' I would think to 'escape' death would mean to reach up for something. (or rejecting that something)

But I really enjoyed how packed this is with visuals and truths. Poetic.
Wow - I can't believe how much power you packed into this short piece that is HUGE on impact! This is definitely a masterpiece. I know you did it short on purpose, but I would still love to see it expanded, just a bit.
The valley of death...uncertainty...dark and foreboding or exalted on the mountain of the Most High?! This says a lot with a few words. More, more, encore!!!

Powerful peice. I think it owuld read even better with a few paragraph spaces, but it is very good. BTW, it's good to see you back in the challenges! :-)
This was good, and it would've been even better section like poetry with stanzas. God bless.
I can see where you are trying to go with this. While it does impact the reader, I think that if you took out all of the KJV lingo and spaced it out, it would be even better.

Deep is the valley of death. Long are the shadows she casts.

Many are they that enter, never to return.

There are many fearful valleys in this world, my friend, but the valley of death? She is to be feared the most.