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I love it, positively love it! This is hilarious, hehehe.
Let me catch my breath from laughing so hard. This is one of the best stories I've read on FW in a long time. I really hope this clenches a first place. So creative. A few of my favorite moments were the lines about the cat eyeing up the farmers wife, the wife nipping Max's tale and not being able to trust Alexander. The whole plot is genious and a definate new favorite of mine.
Wonderful! A very creative use of the topic, and a pure joy to read. I'm still laughing, even as I write this! ^_^
Creative and cute.
This was very funny, and clever! Both adults and kids would love this story.
Such wonderful creativity and great wit! I love that we have such talented writers at FW who sometimes just like to have fun. Extraordinarily well written.
Creativity at its finest! Thanks for the laugh and by the way, great writing!!
Wonderfully creative! :)
Masterful perfection! Oh...and funny too - a winning combination. Loved it!
Loved it. The end of the piece reminds me of a saying I've herd in different contexts multiple times this week. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."
This is absolute perfection!! Definitely a winner.
ROFL - Guard your tail, boy, my father always said. Without it, youre nothing but a hamster. ROFL!!

Now's here a winner for sure! ROFL!
Great humor! I love this. :)
This was just completely and utterly DELIGHTFUL!!! What a joy! I also loved the line about "just a hamster." What creativity and humor. No wonder you're a master!!!
Chuckle....I was grinning all the way (good therapy, btw) until I got to, "'Guard your tail, boy,' my father always said. 'Without it, youre nothing but a hamster.'" Then I lost it - guffaws! Belly aches!

Fun and light, what a refreshing take on what it means to be visionary!! Go've got it figured out. :-)

08/16/06 do you do it week after week? Just priceless!
Loved it! Great way to freshen up this timeless story. Keep up the good work.
Love it! This is wonderful writing and I know I'm not supposed to say "creative" since it's considered a death-knell to writers - but it is creative and so, so very good.
Congratulations Jan!!! This was my favorite story all week. I wish I wrote it...
Jan, congrats on placing 2nd! This is such a delightful story and of course I just had to add another one of your stories to my favorites list.
You should have won just for creating a piece that used the term "treacle tarts"... awesome!

I loved this piece. This was a true priviledge to read... You made me laugh and think at the same time... Once again, Incredible work!
Jan, my heart is overflowing with thankfulness for you, I am so happy you have won with fantastic story!
Heeheehee! Congratulations, Jan! Deeeelightful!
Jan - very creative and a joy to read. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us and congratulations
Congratulations Jan. It's always a delight to read your stories but this one was especially joyful. It truly made me laugh as you brought the words to life to help me visualize the action. I read part of it in rhyme as I hummed along. No wonder your name continues to appear in the winner circle. May God continue to bless your writing as you honor Him.
THIS is exactly what I'm talking about! A fantastic message weaved cleverly in a tale as old as...well, cheese! You make the reader think and your writing is flawless. I look forward to reading so much more!
My daughter and I enjoyed this. Our favorite line: Guard your tail, boy, my father always said. Without it, youre nothing but a hamster. Too funny!