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Amazing how God works in His most mysterious ways, opening our eyes to see His truth! Good story line on the topic. God bless! :)
This is very sweet.It brought a few tears.How God send us the right people at the right time is one of the things I love about Him.I like to think I have encourage people in the Lord that I may never know about, till I get to heaven.That thought keeps me going some days.
A very nice story, and an interesting take on having a "vision."
Oh this was creative and perfect! I loved the title and how you tied it all in! Nice writing!
I love the title and the story is superb! A+
You were very realistic in portraying Cindy's emotions...well done.
The tears are flowing, God works in many wonderful ways in our lives. Thank you for painting this vivid picture!
Teary eyed, my vision is blurred and I'm having a hard time typing this. This is a perfect take on the topic. Well done!
Very sweet story - nice twist on the topic! Realistic with a win-win ending. Bravo!
What an amazing story! Each ministered to the other - and the visions came true! I love these "coincidences" - and you do an exceptional job of showing them to us!
Nice job! Very realistic. I love your approach! :)
Yes, I liked this a lot. Excellent job. And good on many levels. God bless.
An honest struggle through a very difficult loss. A great example of how " all things God works together for good..." Well done.
Venice, congrats on placing!
CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy you won with this wonderful story, there is power in His Word!!
Congratulations, Venice! You did a wonderful job embedding a devotional lesson into your dynamic story.

One tiny nit-pick: "drug herself out of bed." I don't believe you were referring to pharmaceuticals here, but meant to use the past tense of "to drag", which is "dragged." I sure understand, though, because in some parts of the U.S. it's common speech. (I'm still wondering if my baby sister set a trend years ago, when she encountered a thorn bush: "Daddy, I pruck myself!")

Anyway, it's sooo good to see your wonderful talent blooming in the EC this week! Blessings, sherrilee777

Thanks to all for all your kind comments & feedback!
I'm still in shock that I placed!