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I love the title and the story lives up to it, wonderful writing. It is all in the way we view things.
Boy Howdy! Can I identify with this! I'm sure you've captured the experience of a lot of us in this piece. Nice write!

Yes,something light-hearted and humerous. Thank you!
It takes a gifted writer to make such a monotonous day amusing and entertaining, and you certainly accomplished that! Good job!
Enjoyed this! I love the way you put the time in - made us feel even more that the clock was moving EVER so slowly! I remember when I could DEFINITELY relate to this one!
SOme really funny moments here. I did feel it tailed off a little towards the end (perhaps another visual gag to finish?), but I enjoyed the read. Good job.
I like the "train monkey" bit. I can almost see it now... A link works, and the monkey let's out an excited "OOOO!" and begs for a banana. If a link doesn't work, he lets out an excited "OOO!" and begs for a banana. ;-)
I'm retired and out of the monkey race now, but I enjoyed reading this. Very amusing and a clever idea.
I can definitely relate ... A really enjoyable read
I agree with Joanne, putting the time in allowed you to feel the slowness of time. Very clever. A good read.
I also have had monkey work, and in hallways. Thanks for the reminder we're on a journey with brighter horizons ahead.
A humorous look at a boring day - reminds me of my days of barcoding library contents so much I was dreaming about it lol. Good job :)
Very realistic & entertaining!
I enjoyed this! Well written with a good point.
Well written piece, good concept. The bit about the water made me chuckle. It was a piece that any office worker, temp, or intern can EASILY relate to.

My only nitpick is that the ending lacked punch, tailing off from the rest of an enjoyable piece.
Dara, I always look forward to your writing. All I could think of when I was reading this was your "I'm bored" MB entry a while back. Please tell me this isn't you real job... Good work, as usual.