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Very cute and creative! Summed up nicely at the end with a clever cheer. This one made me smile...
Great job.
Very clever ! I love the idea that there might have been cheerleaders all the way back then! (Wonder what they wore?)
Bringing the modern and the ancient together to show it's the same now as then. If we remain faithful to God He will work wonders for us. Very innovative.

Points for creativity. I liked "Girgland." Zizzonex wins an award for the wildest name's a good one, but I couldn't help thinking about "over-the-counter medication" every time I read

A good read, thanks for posting.
This had my imagination going as I was thinking their ultimate battle plan would be a sneak attack, getting someone as a counter spy in there to slowly poison them and introduce an idol they couldn't refuse!

Which is kinda what happened to them time and time again.

Fun read
Very clever! Fun to read.
You had the Perizzites, Hivites,Amorites..but you forgot the Parasites!!!
Often great lessons can be better learned when posed in the arena of humor. Such is the case in this piece. I have been felled by many different 'ites' over the years. Perhaps if I had this closing cheer, back then, there might have been more victories. A nicely balanced read; peppered with just enough wit so as not to loose its flavor: a message needing to be savored. My respect! - Nancy

Excellent. I love your writing style.