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Very strong piece of writing. I was there with her every step of the way.
terrific sense of isolation. Loved the statistics at the end turned a haunting narrative into a personal challenge. No easy answers were given there arent any just a sense that something should be done, that someone should care
Powerful writing. You depicted Umuhoza's committment clearly and her fear at the soldiers' approach. The statistics clarified events for the reader.
Fourteen miles round-trip every day for water! And to think it's just a few steps for me! So MUCH to be thankful for - and yet I forget to thank HIM every day for my many blessings. Great story, and written extremely well - Kudos!
Oh Wow! Excellent, bold writing - I was captivated throughout. Loved the revelation at the end of the woman's intended destination. The footnotes were also a nice addition to this based-on-fact piece. Well done!
Oh wow! I was engrossed from the first to the last word. I was walking with her - that's for sure! Your passion comes through so clearly here! Excellent job!
Flawless writing, and I loved that the time and place was revealed just a bit at a time. You've created a heroine in just a few short words for such a simple, courageous act. Awesome.
While I did not like this nearly as much as I like all the other things you've entered, I'd be hard pressed to find a darn thing wrong with it! I think you did it this week. I really do!!!! I dare say number one, two or three in Advanced!!!!
Whoa. Brilliant writing and so tragic that such is the way of life for so many. Thank you for this awesome story and your foot note was the perfect final touch.
This was a powerful piece of writing. It really makes one stop and think. Great job.
Yes indeed a very powerful piece of fact-based writing. I found I was walking right along with her. Awesome job.

YEAH FOR YOU!!!!! Your canadian fried is SOOOO happy for you!
I told you, I told you! And it doesn't count that I've told you before on other entries and nothing happened. I actually stated a place you would get on this one and you actually got 1st!!!!! YAAAAAAAYYYY! So you and Stephen can go "Paynt" the town tonight!!
Congrats on placing 2nd in the EC Helen! This is a great piece.
Congratulations Helen! Master story writing!
Congratulations on your first place win! I read this story last night and found myself still pondering it this morning. Well done and thanks for allowing God to use your pen for His kingdom work. Looking forward to reading more.
Spare and powerful, fabulous piece. You make every word count, carefully unfolding her path, drawing in the reader for a vivid taste of an existence vastly different from what most of us have known. Exquisitely moving!

Dear Helen, you've been writing at Level 4 quality (and above!)for some time now, and I've had the sense that your major markdowns, perhaps, have come simply because the judges were looking for a more direct connection to the topic. This one sure did it, and I'm delighted to see you merited as you deserve!
The passionate heart of the writer shines through the sparse, tender style. You have drawn the reader in - again I can almost feel my feet on the dry earth - and nailed the reader fast with every word. Excellent, powerful stuff. God bless. xx