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A cute skit--the man's monologue isn't very realistic, but it is...skit-like. Check the spelling of "approximate"--you never want to start a piece of writing with a misspelled word. I'd love to see this performed.
This would be neat to see performed b/c so many people are trying to feed their souls with material things. Great reminder that we all have that God-sized hole in our hearts until we meet the Saviour of our Soul. Good job.
There were a couple spelling problems, but aside from that I got a kick out of it. I could see it being performed for a youth group. Good idea! :)
I liked this a lot. In the last scene though, I would maybe have him walking out with his friend and saying that, or perhaps driving home in his car rather than directing it to the audience. The assumption of the previous scenes is that it is his thoughts, and that he's not necessarily talking to the audience. It seems like a shift to have him talk directly to the audience at the end. I would love to see this performed.
Very interesting plot. Good way to cover the subject.
Very clever skit! I could easily envision it being acted out in church. If I were to nitpick, I would probably pick at the predictability of the ending but I definitely enjoyed it, nonetheless. Well done!
Cute! This definitely made me laugh! I agree with the comments above about unbelievability - but it is a skit, after all!
Creative, I too would enjoy seeing this performed!
Hi everyone. I just wanted to comment about those saying they would like to see this skit performed. I don't know if the comments are sincere or just flattery, but if anyone would like to use this skit, please feel free. If you do actually use it anywhere, it'd be pretty cool to hear about it. :)
Cute! :) Maybe a bit longer with another character for him to interact with might be fun :)
A very cute, creative and enjoyable skit. I would also like to see this performed. I agree that the ending did not seem to fit the overall piece. Perhaps have him look out his window and see his neighbors (who always seem so satisfied) going to church... This may trigger his interest or he may shrug it off and go back to flipping the channels on his television. Just a thought. I really enjoyed this!
This is creative, and I also would like it performed (no that's not just flattery)
Good entertainment and nice to see a skit for a change!