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I've read this several times and am mezmerized by it every time. I'm not sure if its a sonnet to God or to a mate. Either way, its beautiful.
God or mate, the imagery is . . . hmmm . . . breathtaking? Wow, paint me a picture!!!! Oh, you just did! Thanks. ;)
You embraced each of the senses within this beautiful sonnet of love.
This is like the Song of Solomon, perhaps? Both a picture of human love, and the love between Christ and His church? Well, perhaps like all the good poetry, it is open to many interpretations. The word choices and images are excellent, especially your use of oxymoron.

I'd like to see you add a few more literary elements--perhaps some alliteration here and there, to further separate free verse from prose.

You share the space of my soul
Where God alone has spoken;
Two shall become one,
Love’s mystery revealed in us

Simply beautiful, I loved the above lines. I see this as a three-stranded cord not easily broken, an interwoven love story reminding me of the scripture where David talks of seeking and requiring God as the very necessity of his life. Great job!
Agreed ... Song of Solomon best describes this piece. I've read it three times and read something more each time. Its beauty, its depth, its mystery ... all wrapped up in verses of a love story. As strange as it may be, as I read it there is a sense of awe and holiness, like you've described the secrets of the "secret place".
This is absolutely beautiful, G. No criticisms here. No suggestions for improvement. It is complete. It has the same effect as your music. It's haunting, yet so meaningful and speaks to the heart of the reader, listener. I could see you standing there. What a gift for your wife. What a gift to God. May He evermore bless you with more gifts to bring Him glory.
This reads so true and honest. Pure emotions not tainted with pretense. To whom ever it was written, hopefully not to a pet(lol, sorry), but God or Mate, it was sincere and I'm sure it ministered to their heart.
Very nice job.
God Bless!!!
I have to admit that I'm not much in to poetry that doesn't rhyme. But this.......had me on the edge of my seat to read every word. I could feel the strong emotions through every line. Beautiful!!
Are you married? (LOL just kidding, of course!)
This was just beautiful - I felt every emotion, every image was breathtaking, and I could not stop reading (and I'm not really a poetry person!).
Deep! Yep, it sure has depth. A pure joy to reread.
Simply beautiful. Breath takingly beautiful.
No errors on this incredible entry. You did great leaves me feeling complete.
wow -some powerful words here- well done!
A beautiful love story.
Song of Solomon is the first thing I thought of. This is just beautiful. You know who it is written for, it's not important that we do. Beautiful.