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This is an enjoyable story of unconditional love. You draw a descriptive picture of Cody! Great job.
Really good comparison here, but strangely enough my heart was sad for Cody's mom, in that she did not get those firsts.
Great story! Pulls at the heart-strings! My grandmother had a profound impact on my life just as you are on your grandson's. They helped raise me. May JESUS help you never grow weary in the work of love. I see the "SON" in your eyes.
This is a tender and encouraging read. I am however torn. While I cherish that you were the recipient of these first, I too feel for the mom, who perhaps is feeling as though her son is showing favoritism. That, nevertheless, doesn't distract from your story, it is still, a wonderful piece. - Nancy
Enjoyable read.
Sometimes it is hard to tell if the story is real life or fiction.
I have two children that are bi-polar. I was told that this does not usually show up until late teens or early twenty's. never the less it is very well written and a good comparison.

The heartbreak of seeing your child go through their first episode of Bi- polar can hardly be explained unless you have been there yourself. God has been faithful and provided for my children and the first episode was the worst but they function well as long as they stay on their medication. Sad to say many with Bi-polar will not listen to their doctors.

Many blessing to you and your family :