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OK, so I'm laughing out loud - I loved this! Even in the midst of sorrow, you broght humor. This was very well done - though I must confess, I figured it out about 1/4 of the way through. It was still a great read, especially the line "But I'll have to move you to the Christmas cookie tin."

Thanks, and God bless,

Wow! Terrific take on the theme, wonderful imagination and creativity. I was a little distracted by the funny marks that turned up as quotes and apostrophes, but the read was worth the little bit of extra work.
This story is fantastic! I loved the line about the Christmas tin, too. It aptly shows how grieving can be a process full of ups and downs. Thanks for sharing this!
Delightful with a sense of humor (with the cookie tin) It is so unusual I can believe it is true. Awesome writing. Love does live one and we will all be completed. Great job!
I can believe this! Awesome! I needed a good chuckle tonight! Well done! :)
I am totally impressed! Not surprised, mind you, but impressed with the skill and ease of which you wrote. And, I enjoy a story with a sense of humor to it every now and then. Thanks for a very enjoyable read.
God Bless!!!
Loved, loved, loved it! Clever writing - and even more enjoyable because of your note about it being true! Great title, great entry!
This is great! Kind of sad yet a very funny story. A perfect example of "truth is stranger than fiction." Well done.
I most be the only one who cried. I knew Bernie was in the mason jar as soon as she picked it up with her keys and the tears just started pouring down my cheeks. I didn't even giggle as she placed him into the cookie tin...tears got in the way. Well Done! I pray this one places. It's moved me in a soulful way.
Great read. You did a wonderful job on this.
This is TOO cute and sweet - and VERY well-written. Other than the html stuff, I can't think of a thing I would change. Thanks for sharing this "stranger than fiction" story!
Great story, perfect ending!
This is hilarious, the title caught my eye, and the story flowed.
Lol! I can't believe this was based on someone you knew. hehe. Great story!