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Very creative and great ending. I was wondering if you could tie it up well and you did.
Nicely written and so true. Everyone has an opinion of what a soul is but no two people describe it the same way.
I like this--sadly, I think it's very accurate as far as the understanding that a lot of people have...

I was mildly distracted by the italicized dialog...not necessary in conjunction with quotation marks.

Good ending...nice story.
Nice idea and I think you had an opportunity to go deeper with this. Tho your writing was good, unfortunately you settled for the obvious ending. You're a good writer, be a better thinker too.
good read & held my attention.
Great twist on soul using the interview. Wonderful dialog and writing. I loved this.
I liked your approach, the writing, and the way you tied it all together. Good job.
As far as content goes, I loved the way you not only told us WHAT the soul is, but WHY its important. Very good! You minister your point clearly and creatively, and thats what its all about.
God Bless!!
Interesting approach! I enjoyed this.
What a good way of introducing the truth of 'what is a soul'. To be honest, I looked it up in a dictionary before starting this challenge ... it is a kind of vague concept, huh. But you've brought it to life. Well done.
Your write very well and have shared a great message to "seek and you will find." Although I loved the last line, I thought the ending was too tidy. Difficult to do in a story like this in 750 words. Perhaps end with her sitting at the back of the church with a stirring in her soul.
Soul searching survey! Your responses were so true.

I did find you missed she in the following sentence: Marie wasnt very bold; approaching strangers was difficult for her but she forced herself because she needed the grade. I only pointed it out because I noticed it.
Very nice job Jan. Thoughtful writing.
Very cool! I liked the format -unique.
Masterful writing! You blessed me with this story of how her search led her to Christ.
Hehe. I could totally relate to Marie's feelings, having to approach strangers with her survey. Nice ending too.
Good story. Whilst searching for answers to simply complete an assignment she found the real truth. Awesome.