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Fascinating! The soul of a nation! What a unique take on the topic, and hauntingly written. Very good.
Wow! If this were mine I would send this out as spam to everyone I know. This was beautiful! And so scary. Def a Fav, and should be printed and distributed broadly.
Very unique take on the topic - and so true! Your language is masterful and engaging - I especially loved "What little light that flickers against the dark of evil will soon be gone. The sun will continue to shine, but what good is that to blind men? The grapes will ripen; sweet and rich on their vines, only to turn to vinegar in the cask."
This is truly incredible, descriptive imagery is captivating yet haunting. Inspired writing! Whether this places or not, it's a winner. God bless! :)
Haunting......yes that's it! Incredible take on the topic. Awesome Job.
A very creative story. Great opening paragraph and mesmerizing all the way through. I loved the use of "Soul-Giver" throughout the piece. Excellent descriptive writing. Very well done.
WOW! What a great take on the subject. I would have never thought about the soul of a nation. Good job.