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Yes! You've got to place this time. . .or ooooooo . . .I'll be so upset! I'm still knocking the chillbumps off my arms. On topic! BEAUTIFUL! ummm as usual?
Excellent writing. I was captured, captivated, and carried away that's what good writing is and you've got it!
Absolute perfection. Nothing else to say...One of the best here, ever.
"The Creator was reclining on a pillow of herbs."? You break a lot of "religious rules' with this work. Good work, tho! Nice read. Good imagination.
reading this entry was an entreme pleasure. Its why i read, to find a gem. very smooth. Congats!
God Bless!!
A sensational story of Creation with a new twist. Loved it! Only one factual mistake..."God breathed into the nostrils of man"...not into his mouth; but a great Write, and definitely a delightful Read. Kudos!
This was so creative and very well written - kept me spellbound to the very last word. Smells like a winner to me!
Echo all the above wonderful comments. This created an essence I could feel. Absolutely beautiful. I agree with Sue about placement. I just don't have words. Stupendous!
Magnificent imagery and excellent, almost poetic writing. Definitely creative, most definitely a contender.
Awake, Adam. My Spirit has inspired you. Live. Breathe. Love. Always you will crave my breath. Your life is your own, but you will find your deepest longings met whenever I return to breathe through your soul. This encapsulates the longing of every man's soul ... always craving the breath of the Creator yet seeking fulfillment apart from Him. Wow! Awesome writing -- vivid display of our Creator's love of His creation! Your imagination is anointed! :)
This is stunning and moving - and oh so beautiful. What a wonderful "take" on creation, etc. Wow!
There's nothing to compare it with, my friend! Exquisite writing. I'm hearing music of the spirit. Marvelous, skillful development, too. This must be what words are for, to reveal His beauty, His majesty, His heart. You've been brought into the realm beyond, and your pen is the space shuttle to take us along with you.
The Creator watched him go with tears in his eyes.
Good-bye Lucifer, he whispered. Then he turned back to Adam. How costly it will prove, the breath I have given you.
i wondered the whole way through if it was Lucifer watching. Awesome job. Terrific read.
This is such a creative take on the Creation story. Wonderfully written.