The Official Writing Challenge
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This is a great reminder that we write, first and foremost, to bring honor and glory to God's name.
You made me cry! I needed this message today. And besides that, this is great writing. Thanks.
Well, I have to applaud this one! There are too many parts I love so I'll just say I love the wit weaved into the depth of feelings.

I REALLY enjoyed reading this entry and being reminded of the goal of my heart as I write. (I don't feel so alone now!) :)

Love your descriptive writing!

Honestly. Didn't like the writing as much as the message. The writing was a bit disconnected, I thot, but...the message made up for it. Forgive me Lord for performing for anyone else but you.
You really know how to turn a phrase and to touch a writer's heart - and soul. Thanks for the encouragement to write for the right reason.
Great story and I too needed the encouragement. Your story contains my favorite line i've read so far this week. "His shoulders crumpled like the pages of a rejected article."
Nice job! I'm impressed. God Bless your writing.
Absolutely loved the way you ended this...excellent last line! Great job.
What happened to Soul? Nice article about accomplishment, work, reading, etc., but I was hunting and searching for the soul of it all; perhaps another re-read and I'll find it. Nice job, however...just no soul.
I so love a piece of writing that leaves me feeling uncomfortable. Even though I am not a writer by profession, I preach regularly and an affirming word is always welcome – perhaps too much so.

However I agree that the piece was a little disconnected and could have done with a few extraneous sentences being pruned. For example I would cut out the very first paragraph and start simply with “I turned the final page of Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul”
The tears are streaming! You inspire me!