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Wow...this was excellent. I loved the description of his teeth...I could just picture the grandfather speaking. And that great devotional in the middle with the wrap up at the end just brought it all together! What a great mixture and style of writing. This was creative. Loved the voice.:)
Well done! You did an excellent job of combining your Grandfather's wisdom with humor.
Great wisdom flows from our grandparents. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story. Very well written indeed!
"But" will never seem the same again. Nice reflection.
William, William, William - another perfectly great entry. I am very impressed. When I got to the most important 'but' and knew where 'it' was going, it brought tears to my eyes.

I love the many layers of this piece - I hope it places.
I'm a pushover for stories about children and their grandparents and this one fits that heart mold. What great lessons we learned from them, in the garden, the kitchen, or anywhere we did things together. You have written a wonderful parable that has enough here for a whole book, I think.
This is so good, not just because it's well-written, BUT because it is so true! What a wonderful revelation. It will certainly make me think next time I use that word. Excellent! I think this piece will be a winner.
Ok, I give, and join the HTML challenged! I so enjoyed this story. It provoked some serious thought on my part. I loved the line:....I believe the greatest but in the Bible, belongs to the person reading it....This is so true. You are a very wise man and the acorn didn't fall far from the tree. This is a winner. Blessings Brenda
Wow! William, this was a blessing from beginning to end. The life lessons were precious in this piece. This brought tears to my eyes as I remembered my own Grandfather. He was much like yours. Bless you!
Great story and so true! Definite creativity at work here. I agree with Edy, this would make a great book filled with "but" stories. Very well done.
Wonderful! I smiled all the way through this.
How perfect! An absolutely wonderful lesson! I loved your descriptions. I agree with everyone posted above. This is great! :-)
This was a very good article/devotion, I have but one suggestion. From the first line about Jesus to "not my will but yours" was alittle drawn out. I think it could be even more powerful if you tightened up that spot. Overall though, great writing.
Very good story. I enjoyed it a lot. Great job.
Very well written. A piece like this could easily be boring actually, but it wasn't boring at all. You made your point come to life and kept my attention all the way through. Great job.
I was writing to thank you for your comments on my so doing I read some of your I am jealous and envious of your have caused me to loved "The Greatest But in the Bible" the most...thanks for the motivation to work at my writing much harder...