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This was a tearjerker! You so accurately described the boy into the man and how they related differently. You also showed the parents' fears very well. I really liked this story and how it was presented!
I really enjoyed your story. Very nice.
Wow. This was amazing. I always like to hear stories of the war, of how are troops are doing, and I'm glad to see this came out with a happy end.
Tell your son, please, that this civilian - unlike so many others - says "Thank you for what you've done, and what you're doing."

Thanks again, and God bless,

This could be my son. Thank you for writing this. I think every American should read your story. If we made the cost personal we would pray more earnestly.
We have no one that we know in the Armed Forces, so I appreciate your picture into the lives of those who defend and those who send. I do, however, have a sense of the "angst" of a parent. Your story gave me another anchor of hope tonight as what God has done in your lives, He will do in ours. Thank you for writing from your heart.
This is such powerful writing, I hope it makes it into the winners' book. This absolutely must go into my favorites.
A touching and powerful telling of this heartfelt story. Wiping the tears as I leave this comment.
Okay..I'm crying now. If the heart of this story isn't "great," then nothing is. Thank you for sharing your touching words!
I have read this to my whole family. I also sent it on to my brother in law in Afghanistan today! This is beautiful and a blessing to those of us who have loved ones over there in the "Sand". This story is truly GREAT!
This is one very good story. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing.
Congrats Tim!! What a wonderful story to have put into a book for your son! Still praying for him!
EDITOR'S CHOICE! Whoo Hoo! You're in the book, and I couldn't be more thrilled, seeing your name and your story on this list. Now that your name is attached, I can mail this to our young nephew in Iraq, and to his folks. God bless you and your family with all of His best, always! And, thank you for letting us share your story.
Wow! This touched me deeply, coming from a military family myself.

Congrats on your win Tim!
Congratulations on your EC win!
I loved this line: 'It rang with one of those Dad something bad has happened rings I hadnt heard in the ten years since our youngest son said goodbye to teenage angst and hello to twenty-something aimlessness' - perhaps because I have teenage sons and my heart stops when the phone rings in the wee small hours.
This was a great story and well written. Congrats on your win.
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She is looking for poems and stories to include in her anthology for military personnel and families.

You might be just what she is looking for!

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Jesus Never Fails!
Love, Edy