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Excellent imagery all the way. Many subtleties cleverly woven throughout the fabric of the story. This author has obvious talent.
Very well written. Pulled me in and kept me there throughout. Sad that you never know what will drive a person to do something so drastic. Great take on topic.
Blessings, Lynda
This was a haunting, descriptive tale! Thank you.
Oh my gosh! This was so well written. I was sucked into the story. What did she learn from seeing the dead horse? Why would that drive her back to Ivan? Did the sister live? I guess so, because it says she tried. It is really sad because it is so cruel. I guess we can all go to extremes! Keep writing, please.
In His Grip,
Beautifully done and a great beginning for a long short story.
Very well done. I was hanging on every word. I felt it was unresolved, and was disappointed for that reason. Still, you are a wonderfully talented writer.
At first at the end, I wanted to say, more! What happened to her? Then I thought, it didn't matter, it wasn't the point. The point by this time, had come to me that we can't compete with favoritism and striking back at it with a vengence just leaves us out in the cold, a no win situation just like with this character. Nice style here.
Excellent style very well written.
I wanted to read more.
Keep writing you have a special gift.

What a snapshot. I really like your style. I hope I remember to look you up after the names are revealed, so I can read more of your work.

Thanks for posting. You paint vivid pictures.
I won't be able to sleep tonight. Man, I want to buy the book and find out what happens in the next chapter..... PLEASE!! :-) EXCELLENT SKILLS!