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Hmmmmmmm...A clown (who thinks he's still funny), with a gun and a beautifully written sentance like this "A large gaudy clown’s mouth stretched the full breadth and served as the entry. Bulbs flickered beneath the thick lips, neon teeth." No one else can write like that. Dear lord I hope it's who I think it is because that is SO COOL! Well, I'll never think of kids running away to the circus the same. Powerful metaphor. I'll probably re read it a few times to let the story fully digest. I was viewing the carnaval as life without hope and God. Oh, adn the sentance at the end was one of th ebest endings of any story I've read lately.

Very descriptive, dark piece. (which I love). Incredibly well written. I could see everything you described. Man, that clown was so freaky! This entry is so different than anything I've read lately. I hope it places. Change is good. (and
David Ian is going to love this story! LOL Honestly though, good job. I like the deeper meanings, and the last line was cool.
I think I can guess who wrote this too! I love the way you use words ... it's pure art. Your imagery is profound indeed. Although I'm not personally a fan of dark, even so, I think this is awesome.
Whoa, my galloping heart! Fabulous writing here, loaded with suspense, eerie symobolism, and at last, a hint of hope. Dark or light, this is true craftsmanship, beginning to end!
Wow, this was great! I loved the contrast of the despair in the carnival. The description of the clown was excellent. Loved the ending too. Awesome!
I love the way that you can draw us in with your vivid descriptions, yet also be so subtle (as in the last sentence). Excellent.
I wasn't scared of clowns but I am now. But I couldn't stop reading it. Excellent job.
I loved the last sentence. Great writing here, but what's so new about that?
Max - for some reason, I have more questions than answers on this one.

The main ones are about the smoke along the floor and then around his feet, the glow from the flames, the explosion that rocked the building (but didn't knock her down)and the flames that lept to the ceiling. She was there in the strucure during all this, but wasn't afraid enough to run, she even stopped to look back and ask a question after the explosion and fire that I'm sure she could see was about to engulf the clown.

Of course - it COULD just be me! AND regardless - it was rivoting.
Very vivid and intense. I always enjoy your imagery ... even the image of a deranged clown. The last sentence was very profound.
How intriguing. Reminds me of the movie "Something Wicked This Way Comes", based on a book by Ray Bradbury. The carnival highlighted the faults and sins of the townsfolk, exploiting their weaknesses and taking advantage of them. Good article.
Maxx, my eldest has always been afraid of clowns and I thought how silly but after reading your entry I'M WITH HER! This one truly scared me. Great Job!

Wow - what is there to say? Wow

As far as I'm concerned you've done great work here. I had you rated near the top of my sheet. I enjoyed the Carnival and your return to the dark and spooky. Thanks. The end was great, too. Just enough!
Did someone say, "WOW"?? Your back!! I'm blown away by your work. Gripping, suspenseful, scary, yet written with such mastery that it is beautiful.
You're a freak, man. good job.