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This is all very strong, but especially your last paragraph, which is awesome!
Excellent wordsmanship and deeply moving! Your writing has a uniquely strong voice, carrying the reader along sympathetically on its flow. The hopelessness you describe awakens us to the very, very real reapings of sin; then you sneak in the back door and bang home the plea. I hope this penetrating piece is greatly favored with wide readership!
Wow. You pegged the hopelessness and cynicism of a lost generation with this one. Good job. Well written.
What a fascinating, depressing, and necessary eye-opener! Your title actually packs the best punch, bringing the whole thing to a neat point. I love the line "I am easy to find, but may be hard to reach". Brilliant!
Great message. I needed that. A DAVEY for hard truth!

Wow. This could be so many people all around the world. A hard truth that we need to be reminded of.
Congratulations, Garnet! I'm so glad this piece won--a worthy entry, indeed!
Brilliant, provocative, (dare I say political?) article. COngratulations, I'm very glad that this one will be in the book.
A well-deserved CONGRATULATIONS! :)
This is gripping and pricks the conscience, begging us not to be so caught up in our own to the point we forget others. God through us is the answer. Congratulations on your win. You deserve it.
Very moving piece, Garnet. Congratulations on a well-deserved win. This is an honest, yet depressing look at our society today. One that reminds me of what it must have been like in S & G before God destroyed it. Without our LORD, how could we exist? Thank you for your message.
Oh Garnet, this is an extremely heartfelt piece - a call to love for our "fellow human beings." I pray that this inspired work will provoke others to share the gospel of Life with a lost and hurting world.