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What a wonderful, wonderful story...I'm incredibly moved.
This brought tears to my eyes. Wonderful story! Thank you!
I wanted to keep reading more! It ended too soon - but it ended perfectly. Good, GOOD work!
Marvelous, moving story, with a dynamic ending! I love your style; it fairly sails along upon ripples of sizzling verbs.

One would hardly imagine tweaking a great story like this at all...But I did feel in my bones that it would be yet more powerful if it opened with the action in paragraph four, rather than three initial paragraphs of explanatory background. Could you weave hints of his history into his thoughts and detailed actions as he climbs to the podium, perhaps? Just a thought--This is a delightful read!

I loved it. His last revival was his own. How wonderful.
Sweet redemption comes in many forms to us all. This touched my heart deeply. Thanks for showing us the results of a beautiful life and how God and others see it. May He revive us in all we do. Thank you for a beautiful story.
Amen, indeed! Powerful ending to a story well told. Very nice writing.
Awesome job...his own revival.

Wow! What a last sermon! I loved it.
Great story of redemption, wonderful writing thoughout.
A DAVEY Fav for this one!
Okay, I admit it, I wept. This is a wonderful story of faithfulness to God's call.

What encouragement we could be to our pastors if we would take the time to tell them how their life or ministry has affected ours before they reach their last sermon.

I loved this, thank you.
This was flawless, beautiful writing my friend. The story and it's meaning touched me...simply beautiful!