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What a touching story! Kudos to you. Well done.
Lovely - both a strong message about life and also about the value of each life.
Fabulous piece! I'm amazed at the expert way you captured her feelings: "I make an effort to sound eager to scoop little winged luminaries out of mid air..." And the little tap-tapping--the details of her existence in stereo. I felt I had become the sister as I read, it was so real.

A very real slice of the rigors of this temporal life, then a fleeting glimpse fo the eternal kind in the brother's little song-dance. Then, thud! the jar hits the bottom of the trash can, and we're back where the rubber meets the road. Brilliantly done!
It's nice when someone acts as their brother's keeper and means it. This is a delightful story.
Yes this was a delight to read. One tiny typo, I do believe the quotes are some what messed up here... “If a nuclear bomb exploded, “he begins tentatively,” it would kill everything but… uh, roaches.

Blessings & I look forward to reading your entries next quarter.
How well you captured the essence of a "defective" brother and a protective sister relationship. Her controlled irritations shone through in the way you handled their interplay during this episode.