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Well, I'll take exception to your title, because this wasn't at all difficult to read--it was a joy. Beautifully done, and I'll bet it was difficult to write! How I appreciate excellent poetry, and this is truly excellent!
Free verse, prose or whatever they call unrhymed poetry - has always been difficult for me to make heads or tails of (sense-wise); However, just let me say that it is beautifully done in an awesome, intricate, artistic way that had to take alot of effort, time and talent.
Davey, Davey, Davey! Oh, this is layers deep and delightful to ponder! Marvelously clever structure. You took the theme and plunged into it with masterful passion--my hat's off! (Whiff, sniff) Do I smell a win? ;-D
I almost didn't read it cause I know nothing of this style but the first few lines caught me, pulled me in and I read it all and thought wow...this was perfect!
I would have enjoyed reading this just from it's appearance. This was awesome.
Very creative and unique structure. The flow and rhythm was a smooth ride. I'm not good at critiquing poems but I know what I like, and this is wonderful. Good job.
Hats off to another great poem which was well worth the read.

Clever format, beautiful message, this is truly inspired writing.
Very creative, great format and style; plus, the message is strong and clear. Great job.