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This is AWESOME. Nothing else to say, you've written a perfect poem.
What can I say but, WOW!
Does a good job of making one feel sort of insignificant before bringing it back around!! Excellent job! And A+ for eye-catching title!!!
6,624,658,474 just wouldn't have been as effective! ;)
This is well written but I have one problem with it--you name all the sadness in the world and hint at the trouble to come. But you failed to tell of the joy that is out there as well, the souls that are being saved and the 2nd coming of our Savior to those redeemed by his blood. Another thing--poverty is not as tragic as the rich seem to think. I've seen greater love and happiness reflected in the faces of the poor than I've ever seen on the faces of the privileged members of society.
The topic was Life! And indeed you wrote about six billion PLUS lives that are mostly stressed out, but we're blessed too. You've made a very good point however, and gives the Christian Writer a Tell The Good News to as many of those six billion as we can! Good job!
Wow ... this is thought provoking, magnificently written, and leaves the reader with a real challenge. Well done!!!
Dear Helen, this one has got to be IT: the piece that bumps you up where you belong, in Level 4! Absolutely flawless verse, tremendously powerful message. I'm in awe!
Helen, this poem is absolutely incredible. You touched on so many of the peoples of the world who need this message. Great job. I LOVED IT. You are an awesome writer.
I'll second the writer above, I think Helen is cheating too! I think you call it sandbagging! Writing just controversial enough so that the judges just can't score it any higher than they do! Well enough is enough!!!! Blue nosed-gopher's aside. Helen should've been in Masters three entries ago!!!! :) ;)
yes, yes, yes...I agree with the others. Sorry it took me so long to get over here, the weekend was crazy. This is incredible Helen. I loved the format, the rythmn, the style, the message and the ending was well...words can't do it justice. It was amazing. fabulous job on this piece and hope to see you in mAsters!
This is incredibly awesome! Wow! What an entry! You did it girl!
ok. You get a DAVEY with his arms crossed and face angry, saying "take me up to Masters with you!"
Terrific time bomb, with the longest title in FW Writer's challenge history!

Loved it!
A very thoughtful, intelligent, heartfelt piece. I loved the way you wove examples of the current conditions of the world and its people throughout. The bold sentence at the end gave your story that added punch. Very well done.
Helen, how powerful! That last line really blew me away.

Here's a question: In math I thought I had learned not to place the 'and' until just before the very last # ie: and seventy-four. I very well could be mistaken so I'd better look it up.

Anyhow, awesome poem, & got me to thinkin.

Blessings! See you next quarter.
Interesting point. I can't work out how to do this otherwise - Six billion, six hundred twenty-four million, six hundred fifty-eight thousand, four hundred and seventy-four doesn't sound right. I suspect the rule applies to joining groups of numbers - so you say three thousand, nine hundred and fifty-one rather than three thousand and nine hundred and fifty-one. But if anyone knows the definitive answer I'd be interested.
Yes, that's right her entry is sooooooo good we have to resort to critiqueing her title lest she get a big head!! Of course, I am just joking, Helen! My neighbor had a baby yesterday. I thought of your poem. :)
Sue, I'm not critiqueing Helen's poem. (how could anyone find something wrong with this excellent entry?) Only asking a & you're right her entry is soooooooo good that I just had to let her know again.

Way to go Helen! Awesome job.

PS I had to come back to see if anyone had the answer. I've been so busy reading all of the great entries this week I haven't had the time today to research my own Q.
Oh, I love the fast pace of this poem. Very fitting and very well-written!
Helen, I read this on Sue's site and the ticking along with the poem made my heart race with the urgency I know you must have felt when you wrote it. It is absolutely wonderful and enlightening. I would encourage everyone to read it there with the ticking clock. Oh, My you are an excellent writer. I am humbled.
I just read this poem and had to comment. You did a wonderful job! It is so well-constructed, and rhythmic! The message is excellent, as well. What an awesome God we have!
We just had a terrific sermon in church about outreach. It stated that we know so we are the only ones that can share.
Then I came across this poem while I was surfing around. Thank you. Well written and very true.