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This is a very compelling read, and a super approach to the topic. A few minor POV switches that you might want to look at...You portrayed his agony perfectly and with excellent word choices.
Wonderful, Holy Ghost filled piece of writing that left me singing hallelujah!
An absolute brilliant telling of this story. You took me right there, as if I lived in that time and wittnessed the glory of His awesome power. Praise God from whom flows abudant life!
oops, sorry for the typo, abundant life!
This in wonderful, so rich with truth and Spirit. I loved it.
Fantastic! I love it!
Wonderful story. I loved it. The way you wrote it pulled you in from the beginning. Thanks for sharing!
I've written one and read many stories based on this passage and each of them are unique and powerful. I like how you showed that the digging and it skin and such was an attempt to get rid of the demons. I think the last "quiet" sentence would have been a cool place to end the story. Well done!
Oops, I mean the "silence" sentence, not peace. ;-)
Very well done! I love getting into the heads of the Bible folks, and wonder what they were thinking.
It is called the 'Living' Bible because each and every time we read a verse it has new meaning. What an awesome author our Father is! Your spin on this verse brings another new meaning. And it sat there watching it all! WOW!

Well, I thought it was about time I left some rude messages on your entry, accuse you of cheating, see how you like it ;)
Great entry. One or two tense shifts detracted slightly, but very powerful writing. I particularly liked:
In stunned silence, he watched.

In reasonably stunned silence.

In absolute stunned silence.

In incredibly, peaceful, glorius stunned silence!

They were gone.

Your short sentences with the repetition work very well in breaking up the flow of the prose and pulling the reader up short.
Now, some insults... I'll have to think about that!
If only everyone was as rude as you!!

Thanks for not pointing out that I spelled glorious wrong and that the title inferrs pigs can't swim when in fact they can!!

You are too kind . . . errr . . . rude! ;)
Great POV of a well known storyfrom the Bible. I enjoyed the read. Good job.