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This cracks me up, because you and I are probably the only two writers left in existence who actually use pencils and erasers...and I was tickled by the thought that the Almighty is aware of our predicament.

Your list-y paragraphs bothered me at first, but they grew on me, because they really contributed to the wry mood that you gave us at the end. Good job!
Your first paragraph put me off, a little, I admit. Hiding the Almighty way out in "the very depths of time and space" seemed erroneous.

But, I'm glad I kept reading, because you did bring Him "home" at the end.

Also, I love your description of the environment of one creative mind. (It's pretty hard to be both creative and tidy ;) Invest in an executive secretary, and you might have a million-dollar masterpiece hiding under those dirty socks!
Wow. What a description. I really hope clutter isn't a requirement for creativity. lol. I enjoyed reading this. Very creative.
Awesome images. I feel right at home in your clutter . . . my office looks exactly like this. He he!!! Noticed a few punctuation thingies, but I loved your idea and the ending. Great story!
Very creative and a hoot to read!

Your power of description is mighty and a delight to read. I love the way you juxtaposed tangible flotsam with spiritual and mental jetsam in your lists. You effectively set the mood for a great ending.

One nitpick: the last (incomplete)sentence of your first paragraph wants to be awarded its rightful verb, I think.

Altogether a standout piece, Pup!
Clutter? I have you know that I resemble that remark. :-D

Great story. I found many relatable points in this piece. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.
Great description! A very enjoyable read. I liked the simplicity of the beginning and the rhythm throughout the piece. Very well done.
Like the style. You took a risk by cluttering your writing to emphasize the point. I must agree too that I walk into my office everyday and say "I just gotta clean up this place!" And I don't. Nice original work. A DAVEY for best "mad-man's wild grasp for sanity."
I love the flowery opening paragraph, drawing a majestic picture of infinite, almighty God - and then the sudden leap to Him laughing at you (us). A delightful read, as always!
Pup, this is wonderful, what a picture you painted for us!
This is great! I love it! I literally laughed out loud when I read about the eraser. Though for different reasons, I think I've heard God laugh at me, too.
This is priceless! I know God laughs at me too. What's fun is, I end up laughing along. You've described my desk to a T. Thanks for the link;. I enjoyed it.
I love the rambling style - and it all makes perfect sense. Awesome writing, Pup.