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I loved this. My fav for sure! What a wonderfully different way to tell Job's story..and show us the abundance of true relationship.
What a great sideways look at this story. Good job.
This is creative, beautifully written, and a wonderful new way to look at the story. I was mildly distracted by questions of plausibility: how can a dog narrate a story--particularly a long-dead dog? But that's just personal preference...I really appreciated the insights into Job, and the imagery of the Master and canine friend together for the ages.
Very nice. I loved the imagery and the dog, faithful to the end. Good job.
Just because we grow up and put away childish things doesn't mean we STILL can't enjoy a lovable Fairy Tale. This, of course was from the Book of Job, but the child in us likes to read Bambi, Black Beauty and yes...the lovable Fido! I loved it; very creative and well written.
I love dogs so I was drawn to the title. I so loved the story and it's foundation.