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You have painted a masterpiece of His love, mercy and grace. A life filled with His abundace. Beautiful!
I always enjoyed matched couplets, thanks for posting.
Excellent poem withw strong message. The meter was sport on, except, I think, for
the sixth couplet from the end 'Will not give us more...'Otherwise, fantastic.
'sport on'??! I meant 'spot on'
I loved this. Oh, how I need to be reminded. Let me see what can I let go of and who needs it. That is the question. Great job.
I like it, I like it! Good, tight rhyme and meter, with a heartfelt message!

Just for fun and to hook the reader in, you may want to try searching out all the words that repeat themselves and use a thesaurus to find interesting new ways of expressing the same thought. It'll jazz up your excellent verses even more!
Great job, Sue!
Great job! Flowed beautifully. I wouldn't expected any thing less. Very nice.
Who knew you wrote poetry? I didn't realize. This is very nice. Good job!
Aren't matched couplets fun to write. Nicely done.
Great job with the rhyme and the meter--I really liked the lively clip of the verses. The content was perhaps a bit predictable? I really like the fact that we get something different from you every week: poetry, fiction, personal're a versitile and talented writer.
Such artistry in words. You've done an incredible job. Loved it.
Ha Ha Ha! OUR God is more than enough, He shall supply ALL OUR needs, He is OUR El Shadai, He always looks out for US, Jehovah Jira (As in Je-hoe-vuh jI-ruh)! That is OUR God!
God made a covenant of increase with us! The devil works poverty and lack, that's what makes our wallets flat! PM me, OmniFool, on the boards for more info.