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This is funny! Someone would have to be a regular to the MB to fully understand this deep undertaking! And yet a good message too. Good job and thanks for the laugh! :o)
Davebrother - I've been waiting for your hint so I could read your story. I'm on a massive road trip this week so I couldn't read as many as usual. I can't believe someone actually wrote about personal peas... and it actually worked. I love this. One bit of constructive criticism - I think the phrase is "he couldn't care less". If he could care less then he actually cares (am I making sense?). Great job. Unique, fun story with a wonderful ending.
Can you see me smiling:)? I smiled all the way through and it made me see how closely we hold on to our precious things that were actually gifts from above in the first place. The somewhat silly peas are what made it work. Completely out of the ordinary, therefore, very thought provoking. May we give our most personal pea to and for Him; ourselves
What a delightful experience, reading this story! I chuckled in appropriate places and kept wondering how all those peas would "keep" before Bart figured out what to do with them. A very creative take on the 'personal peace' topic, this also exposes a tender-hearted man bereft of his beloved, making the best of the situation. That has to be a picture of "personal peace" (as well as "personal peas!"). I appreciate your writing! Thank you.
Come on, you know Busboss colloborated on this entry! Pea soup . . . such a neat, fun, story to draw "peas" from!
This is awesome! Actually, the first thing that occured to me when I read the topic for this week was an old bumper sticker: "Visualize Whirled Peas", but I didn't have the writing chops to pull off a humor entry. You sure do! Love it.
I really enjoyed this! A great approach and great humor with a pretty profound message. You not only pulled it off, you pulled it off WELL!

Come to think of it, I think I have some "peas" I really should be sharing, too. :)
And Blessed is the Peaswriter for he shall bring a tear to the eye and a guffaw to the belly.
I loved it. This was such a creative spin on the subject and now you have plenty of pea soup to share. Great job.
Good job. As well as the humour and creativity, it was well written and thought-provoking. What a combination!
Creative and visual - hey, I like frozen peas, pea soup, and creamed peas...
You have a unique gift, Davey: groanless puns! Thoroughly heartwarming, entertaining...and your character is so cute and lovable! Thanks for a great read.
This was a fun read. Thank you for writing and sharing it.