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This is awesome and so inspired! I was carried along and lived each emotion. What victories we have!

And what a blessing to start my day with this entry. Thank you!
I loved getting into the head of this man - experiencing his terror and longing. Wow! Great job!!!
Yes! The storms caused by the prince of the power of the air are no match for the Prince of Peace. Wow. This is masterfully written, and a great reminder of the hope found in Jesus. Excellent work!
Creative POVs creating new understanding of a well known story. Liked the way you linked the storm with the deamons. Dynamic, believable characterisation of Jeran. :-) yeggy
Awesome!! very well done!!
I liked the contrast between the storm and the calm, and Jeran's storm and then the calm. Vividly written! Well done!
Vivd, gripping writing. SInce you're in Masters, I'll be picky and say I thought the last paragraph was weak, and could probably be omitted, and I found the transition between the two scenes a bit confusing on first read-through. Minor nitpicks, great story.
This reminds me of Frank Peretti's This Present Darkness in that it presents a spiritual side of events which is sometimes glimpsed, but largely unseen. Great writing.
Good, creative writing. The POV shifts were a little distracting for me, personally. Sticking with one POV tends to make for a smoother read. But I still enjoyed the angle you went with. Nice take on "Peace."
Wonderfully written--I wanted to read more, especially from Jeren's POV. This is great stuff!
A really enjoyable read. It's cool to see a Bible story from a 'different' view.
Excellent. Well written. I enjoyed this familar story from a different POV. Thanks
A very enjoyable read. Well written. I like the different POV.
I was captivated by the skill of your poetic imagery throughout that first paragraph. Feeling both horror and awe throughout the rest. I was caught up in the story and gained a new testimony and understanding of Jeran's deliverance. This article blew me away! Wow!
Marvelous! Your pen is a skilled paintbrush, bringing alive the realities of the unseen realm. I like the dramatic relief of "His face immediately mirrored the softness of a man in his right mind, the vacant stare of madness, gone."

Great creative slant at the beginning, where the demons who torment the Gadarene stir up the Galilee tempest as an attempt to keep Yahshua away from their victim.

Just a teeny thought: This so powerful, I'm not sure you even need the ending two sentences of explanation. Jesus could just say to him, "Go home in peace..." and you would have a great wrap-up that ties the piece perfectly to the topic.

Great stuff...More, more!
Great writing here. I think if you had just focused on Legion's story without having two stories in one (the boat), you would have done it more justice. Reading two stories distracts the reader a bit and throws him off, which you don't want. I doubt Legion would have had a wife and kids, as his madness has probably been with him his whole life, but he would long for his parents and perhaps some siblings.
Again, great writing!
You have such a talent with elaborating on stories we know and love.
You breathe life into everything you write and your gift keeps growing the more you do it Karen.
Praise God!