The Official Writing Challenge
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Oh yes, quite masterful! Now, off you go-if you haven't already left, to masters I mean.
Marvelous. One of the best this week. Yes! Move up to Advanced and show them how to write!
Incredible. I agree with everyone else. You're a master. You're words are amazing. Simply breathtaking. Astounding writing. I was so engrossed with this piece. Incredible job.
I like this...A little science lesson tucked inside a beautiful story.
Bravo! A true word smith. Very nice.
Did anyone use the word Breathtaking? Awesome? Fantastic? Truly, this is an artistic masterpiece from the pen of a great writer....
Great Job!
All the above comments and more! The Master's touch!
Your last paragraph literally made me gasp--I had no idea that you were going there. Wow!
Wow, this is amazing. Whew, thanks.
Wow ... breathtaking ... awesome ... every word - perfect. Wow!

One that is a must read ... over, and over, again. Wow!
I love it! Bravo, my friend! The Breath of Life is all over this one. Exquisite wordsmanship blended with the heartbeat of heaven...I agree: you're a master, touched by the Master!
I read this twice, it was so amazing. Just beautiful!
Just catching up with some of your work after my time away Helen - and your powerful descriptions, and inventive use of both ordinairy and extrodinairy - leave me bathed in satisfaction. Always a pleasure to read. God bless. xx