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I used to enjoy listening to the song of the robins around here, but you've changed my perspective. I'll be listening from now on with new understanding, and praising Him with them.

I used to enjoy listening to the robins around here, but your piece has changed my perspective. From now on I'll listen with new understanding and greater enjoyment. I'll even praise Him with them in my heart.

Excellent and creative writing!
Creative! "To Glorify God"
Oh,that we might learn to sing to Him every morning!
You creatively used your sweet, fantasy story to get your point across! Good job. :)
This SingingSparrow truely enjoyed this story. Well done!
THIS is what makes for a masterful entry. It can be read and appreciated fully as a fully realized metaphor or as a lovely fable. Every word choice was spot-on perfect. Fabulous!
Where are all the comments on this one? Excellent, creative writing! Loved the play on words. Loved the title, loved the message...loved everything about it. Definitely award-worthy, in my humble opinion. :-)
This was such a cute story that was so well done. You shared a great message in a very creative way. I smiled all the way through. I also loved how you described God’s character as “patient, kind, tender.” This was one of my favorites for the week.
Excellent! I began thinking that the main character was a person and enjoyed the bird analogies ... and then realized that she WAS a bird!!!! Very clever. And a lovely message - be what we are created to be.
Congratulations, Brenda! I'm absolutely delighted that this piece will be published!! It draws me into the REAL world, the world that HE made and intended for us to absorb His love and glories all around us. Way to go!
This was a great analogy put into an endearing story. I think if you had put God's words in italics it would have been easier to know when he was talking.
Wow...this piece is excellent. It brillliantly shows how God created everyone with the same glorify Him! Lovely! (And Congratulations!)