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Oh, this spoke to my heart! God has has to re-create plans for my family, and this poem just expresses so well what a supreme act of Grace that is. Thank you so much!

Also, beautifully lyrical and rhythmic.
Not sure I agree with the theology of this poem, but it is well done in verse and pupose. Good job whether I agree or not! One of my favs!

This poem is chilling in some of its stanzas! The rhythm and rhyme pretty much hold up throughout except for these stanzas:
"What difference
this Latino boy...
Does anybody care?"

"A choice is made
a General...
launches a campaign."

"destroy dreams
and hope, it seems,
is merely just in vain"

The word Latino adds an extra syllable that throws the stanza off. 'A General' just sounds a little awkward to me, as does 'destroy dreams' because of the syllables that are accented. Maybe it's just me. And then you stun me with such beautifully written stanzas like:
"His mother holds
his lifeless form
and weeps in Spanish prayer."

"And soldiers sent
like army toys
and bombs that fall like rain"

I'm with Jan on this one; you moved me! Thank you!

Beautiful, touching. One of my favorites!
I loved it. There were a couple of rythem glitches but the power is not deminished. Great job.
Kate, you WON! You made my day. Well-deserved, such a powerful piece...Can't believe I skipped over it last week while reading entries. Warmest congrats!! You're on a roll, sister!
great to see your name again Kate. You're a fantastic writer. Congrats!
Kate, this is beautifully written and meaningful too. I wonder how much of what I do makes our creator recreate His divine plans... for the best. You've given me something to think about. Thank you... and Congrats.
Kate, this poem is divine! I've got chills. I was deeply moved. I'd love to use this in my church's newsletter if I can find room and Pastor approves. pm me please!.