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I loved the title...I was curious how it tied in and then I saw. Good job! Your starting paragraph pulled me in with just enough excitement. I was instantly curious about what would happen. Then you wove a nice story throughout. Good dialogue too!!:))
Mavelous story! Good title too. One of the best stories of the week I think!

I relish your selection of words in the opening sentence. Who could NOT read the rest of the story after that introduction! You left this reader feeling like one of you, taking part in the fear, delight, and amazement. You are such a good writer, I think I'll give you all my story ideas (smile) and see how you compose them! God bless you!
I agree with the other posters. Your introduction was very effective at pulling the reader in. I thought for sure he was going to fall or something horrible was going to happen!

I also loved how you used the mask throughout the piece. This child wore a mask to the outside world, but God had gotten through.

Lovely writing! :-)
A charming story--reminded me of the baptism of my own handicapped brother.

A few minor syntax and punctuation errors, but a really absorbing narrative. I enjoyed it a great deal.