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Oh, I loved this! Pure transparency before our Holy God. My favorite line...
"You are the God of the second chance..." That's our church motto! This was awesome. Kate~
Wow! Naked is right. Good honesty. I can relate.
Thanks for the boldness to bare it all.

I loved this line:

The shameful doubts of my being that made themselves fat in the fields of my mind have become my fatted calf this day. Awesome.

"...beyond the lips that have worked the words of deceit, into my naked heart."

Brutal honesty. Brilliant writing.
Is this yours George? I looked for it and I think this one was yours. If it is, congrats. You are one talented writer. You have an annointing on you. It's abeautiful thing to read someone's work when God has gifted them to carry His words so clearly, beautifully and truthfully. The honesty in the account was incredible. I loved this one. This is such a treasure.
This grips my heart as a prayer I could wrestle with on a daily basis. How thrilling to exchange that superficial happy face for the genuine joy of the Lord bubbling out of my heart. Thank you!
You did it again, George. Wow. You hit me between the eyes with this anointed prayer. Thank you for your open honesty.
This part hit me the most..."Let this shepherd, this minister, this man," Thank you for sharing this heart-cleansing, well-written prayer.
Perfect title!
Written with the Master's inspiration! You touched my soul with this prayer!!
I sent this to a very dear person in my life who has left her faith far behind her. I pray that the anointing I feel in this article will touch her heart and cause her to reflect on the course she needs to begin to steer again. Thank you. I REALLY enjoy everything you write!