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Very sweet story. I could really identify. My dad was a "ham", too. Great job. Kate~
God bless the MARS people! I'm thrilled to know they are still in operation. I recall the sound of my twin brothers' voices over a MARS connection during my tour of duty in Vietnam. They were 14 at the time, and I got to hear (voice-changing age) what I would have missed without MARS! This story goes in my "favorites." Thank you for writing!
Wow, I didn't know that. Thanks for the info in a memorable and entertaining way. :-)
good to know MARS is still up and running like it was when I was in the military.
And the "code" is still strong as well!

dit dah dah dit-dah-dit dah dit dit !!! (PTL!)
Shows how things once bothering us changes perspective when it becomes personal; meeting our own needs. We go from a cry to smile. We may need the very thing we have problems with, especially the purpose of someone else. Good job Shari!
Good job, Shari. This was nice and crisp. A good example of understanding the importance of even the annoying things of life. My only suggestion would be to amplify the crisis a bit and then really bring the resolution home. Right now the crisis is "I cried" and the resolution is seeing the good that is done. For a better story (although not factually correct in real life) you could have the daughter and father get in an arguement (building up the crisis) and the resolution could be a nail biting, life saving transmission. But I really liked the flow of this one and it really felt good to read. Good work!
See, this is what I love about FW--I learn so much! I had no idea that this program existed. I really like the way you captured your narrator's changing moods, and the dad's very moving purpose. Well done!
Good job. I enjoyed the story. Thanks for the author's note, it was interesting.
A very unique backdrop. And what a great way to acknowledge the dedication of many operators around the world. And then to personalize it between father and daughter. Very nice read Shari.
Interesting; I never really knew the details about ham radios. Cute story. :-)
Nicely written. Thanks for the lesson you're sweet story provided. Good job.:) Jo
You know the ham operators play such an important role in all these natural disasters like Katrina too. Good job "showing" how their job is special and needed!
My uncle was also a "Ham" Fantastic story!
This is a good story. I liked the info on the radio opperation. I didn't know this. Thanks.