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I'm surprised you don't have any other comments yet.

This is so beautifully written. I love the voice you have given to Mary in these two monumental points of the purpose of her life, and Jesus's as well.

How can we even entertain a movie or book like Da Vinci code that calls this purpose into question? We owe it to God, to Jesus, and to Mary to honor Jesus's death and the pain and suffering he endured for US, and that she endured watching for us. It makes my heart sick to think how she must feel when people question what her precious Jesus did for us.

Sorry, didn't mean to go off on that tangent, but your story is beautiful and very pertinent to the present controversy!
What touched me the most was Mary's grasping Jesus' hand in the first part, and letting it go in the second part. Such a tiny detail, but it's the sort of thing that sets your writing apart.
Wow, Jo. This is really poetic ... and there's such a deep power to it. You've done very well here. Not really much to pick at. Congrats on an excellent piece!
Ah ha, so this is what the urgent questions on the message board were for. ;-) Beautiful story!
This is very, very nice. I'm surprised you haven't received many more compliments. Great job.
You took me right into the heart of Mary! A wonderful telling and new look at this great story. Pass the box of tissues, please!
Tender and sensitive. I appreciated the shift from being Jesus' mother... to Jesus being her Saviour. Beautiful.
Yes, tissues were definitely an order for this one. Beautifully written, a great take on purposefulness. You tend to shine whether writing humor or tear-jerkers. Excellent work. Touched my heart this morning.
Blessings, Lynda
WOW JOJo! Talk about a different genre! You can really write girl! very impressive. Clear, beautiful words described this painful account so well. You did a really good job. REALLY GOOD JOB!
Beautifully done. I could feel this mother's heart.
I also love the contrasts between the first and second halves. The joy of welcoming the baby and the despair of letting her son go etc. Masterfully written.
So beautiful! I loved the contrast too. I have often thought how excruciating Mary's loss of a child and gain of a savior was. How would I survive seeing my baby boy crucified?

Truly, a "sword pierced her soul." You did a great job telling the story.