The Official Writing Challenge
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This is so well done, polished to perfection. I especially relished your opening scene between mother and baby.
looks like you're developing a fan base! Good, you deserve it. Well, what can I say? You're amazing. The last paragraph sent chills up my spine. "Anger flared in his stomach" this was one of many beautifully described sentances. You have an incredible way with words. great work!
Awesome! Simply awesome!
It's the little details that make your writing really stand out: the honey, the sharp stone, the ragged fingernail. Wonderfuls wordsmanship.
Beautiful, powerful, breathtaking. "Whose was this Voice, awakening memories of evaporated dreams?" I feel like a pig in a puddle, wanting to roll in your delicious phrases and magnificent sense of conclusion. You reveal the Bible as the living love-letter it truly is!

Ooooh, good one. Good flow and background information leading up to the call on a man's life.
Helen, what are ya trying to do? Take all the spots?! LOL. Congrats girl! I was routing for ya!
Congratulations, Helen! I'm so glad to see your name in the spotlight!
This is GREAT, Helen. You had me right in there. And it sure does sum up 'Purposefulness'!
Have taken the chance to read some more of your challenge entries; your use of words is certainly masterful; God has given you a special gift; I particularly like the use of Hebre on occasions. Congratulations.