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You got me waaaay back at the finger skin. That was it for me!

Too funny on the Julia Childs and Suzanne Summers thing! Loved it!

Shock factor is great and fun! Like a rollowcoaster ride! Pure fun!
This was a fun and original angle on the topic. Good job.
I had a friend who always used to say that good food couldn't spoil good food but I'm not so sure anymore! Great job.
Hee Haw! Wildly hilarious, a great spoof. Good ol' Julia always seemed as though she just MIGHT be this slap-happy off camera. I loved the end. "Epiphany," ha! Thanks for the belly-laugh!
Pick me off the floor - I've fainted!! I'm goin' back in for that chocolate bar before it melts. It's waaaay to good to waste on that...that gut gurdling soup! Hysterical! Now, which way to the bathroom? Blessings, Jo
Where are all the comments on this piece? When I saw Jo's post on the boards about this being a sick and twisted humor piece, you know I had to check it out - it sounded like my cup of tea (or is it, my cup of soup? LOL) You definitely delivered the goods! This was absolutely fantastic - clever and creative entry. Loved, loved, loved it.
Very cute entry! Very disgusting soup! I liked the extreme measures taken to bring out the humor.
Yum... excuse me, I think I'm a little peaked here...I won't ever think of 'comfort food' in quite the same way! Too funny! Thanks for a great laugh! My Pastor just did a sermon on how food is not a source of joy, rather it is to be used as nutrition to energize the temple...I think you just made his a twisted sort of way, I think I've got it now. Still, laughing so hard I can't breath!
Somehow the Joy has gone out of my Almond Joy. Ewwww...this maybe just the catalyst that I need to slim down for the summer :>
How funny! I would be just like Suzarrde. I would be on the floor! Great story.
Wow, Cassie, how did I miss this great read last week?
Creative and well written!
Hi Cassie--I've just re-visited this hilarious piece, and I'd love to use it for the Front page Showcase for the week of August 28. Watch for it!
Cassie, I am so glad this made it to the front page! I really enjoyed reading this delightful story!
I honestly laughed out loud. Very creative, I could see it as if a horrified viewer watching in shock, amazingment and demented saticfaction. I loved it. Great! Great! great! I am going to make myslef some now.
this was discusting but pretty funny!!