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I really liked this piece. It's dark (life isn't all sunshine and roses), but I like the irony of the title illustrating the fact that even in our misery, we still can have the joy of knowing God; knowing He's there with us in those valleys. You never really say it, but it's looks to me that that Joy was the victim of abuse from someone she trusted (father?). Maybe I'm wrong, but the fact remains that she (like so many of us) is really struggling with letting go of that pain and allowing God to work in her to be able to forgive. Good writing!
This is really strong writing. Good story; well done!
Well done! I'm assuming they are dealing with an abusive ex here. You really know how to move your story along and carry the reader on its current. Wonderful depiction of courage, right choices, supernatural joy. Right on!
Very impressive. Captured my interest and held my attention throughout the entire piece. ok, can you pm me the person responsible for the torment? I want to know! great job!Awesome writing.
I really appreciate how you gave us a glimpse into your character's soul. Masterful.
Well done. Good emotion. Very good read.
Awesome writing. I couldn't pull myself away.
An awesome read from start to finish; very well-written with excellent descriptive words. AWESOME!!!!