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Hmmm, let me first say I really liked this story and the writing overall was very good.

However, I found several things a little "off" or disconcerting. First, it begins with a precise location and "My name is Anna", then immediately says you can't tell the real name or location. That tripped me up a little, it might have been better just to say "I'll call myself Anna" or something like that (then again, maybe it's just me).

The beginning and the way it was written, through the abduction, made me think it was a little girl, so I was startled to find out she was pregnant and had to go back and reread it.

The second half seemed to have a lot more typos/grammar errors, seemed a little hurried.

I liked the phrase "...tall red building loomed to the left against the blue of the summer skies", but then when I noticed it was in a deep, deep forest, I thought you probably wouldn't see the blue skies much for the trees.

Also, I thought it was strange that the two last names at the end were so similar, Martin and Morton.

Again, overall - great story and good job writing it, but these few things did trip me up a bit.
Thank you Carla for blessing me with your comments.

Ever simce this message, I have been been watching all my
typos/grammar,,,,I try my best to watch all the errors.

I will always remember the things you said, and I hope I have improved on all my things you said was wrong.

I love writing and I have now published three books and all the feedback here on Faithwriters helped me, because every time I start to do something wrong, I hear your voices.

May God watch over and keep you in his love...

Thank you all so very much!

Mary Alice Bowles