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Wow! This was wonderful! I was swirled away with her! Your words touched me and so beautifully described the growing scene!! masterful!It was like looking at a painting so colorful were your phrases. Thank you!
You masterfully captured the essence of true worship! I so loved this that I am at a loss for words. It took my breath away. I felt the Holy Spirit beckoning me through your words, to once again worship in abandonment and freedom. Awesome piece!
No fair! This writing would win in the Masters category! Simply one of the best I've ever read here.

Thanks for the joyious read. don't know what to say. This is one of the best pieces I've ever read on this site-EVER. You've got a winner here. I kept repeating to myself, "wow,'ve got to be kidding." You captured my attention, my creativity, my interest everything until the last word. This is a masterpiece. This is going to ROCK the judges. Incredible. Incredible. INCREDIBLE!!!!
I think it has all been said, but this is INSPIRED! Oh! You made me want to dance with my Father, kick up my heels without abandon and dance naked!!! (Well, I guess I shouldn't say that out loud...)
This is music for the heart. Lovely!
BEAUTIFUL! The most beautiful inspiring piece I've ever read on F.W. Thank you so much for being a vessel of inspiration. I'm sending this to friends in Alaska.

BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for the most beautiful piece I've read so far an F.W. Thank you for being a willing vessel of inspiration. I'm forwarding this article to friends in Alaska.
I am completely blown away by this piece. I love it. "My alabaster soul-casket shatters, its shards ripping wide the veil to my Holy of holies." What an inspiration! This is so rich. Amazing work.
Sweet inspiration to the soul. I must agree with the others, it doesn't get any better than this. Words from an anointed hand.
Absolutely Wonderful...We need to think & write outside of that box (or boat)...Encouraging others to step fully into their freedom and that is exactly what you have done for me!Bless you and dance on!!!!Pat
Oh I love this - I love it. I love it. I love it. One of my all-time favourites. Did I mention that I love it?
I started to read the other comments on this, but I decided to tell you what I felt first. I LOVE THIS! I wanted to jump up and dance! Your words weaved the picture that I feel when I dance before the Lord. Since the church where I attend now doesn't normally do that, I LONG to dance. Your story is just awesome. I loved the line about the coat of praise being weaved for the Lord. This is awesome! So well-written. I hope you win first place!
Wow! Beautiful! Brilliant!
Congrats and welcome to Masters!
Congratulations, Sherry! I am SO happy that you won! This piece deserves to be published and shown to every church in the world!
Breathless. Congratulations.
Your choice of words is like the music in your piece - just amazing! Congratulations on your well-deserved win. This is just fantastic!
CONGRATULATIONS - to you Sherry!!! A brilliant piece of short story writing. Very well done. God bless ya!
Love from Daniele xxx
Congratulations on your win! It is well deserved.
Truly breathtaking! The childlikeness coupled with incredible imagery is breathtaking! Who doesn't want to be there? Do that? REALLY? This spells FREEDOM, loud and clear, to all who have ears to hear. Please accept my heartfelt thanks and congratulations. :-)
This is wonderful! A shame people have to try to dampen the Spirit!
Sherry, you're tops! I'm so happy to see your name in first place, here. Congratulations, friend!
Many congratulations - I'm delighted that this piece got the win it deserved.
Oh, Sherry, you absolutely 'danced' your reader right into the presence of the Lord Himself! Congratulations on this well deserved win...thank you for sharing the beautiful power of your lyrical pen!
My dear Sister, I do so agree with the comments that I scanned over... but I must tell you that I personally had a hard time reading them while I wept. Few things do I read that leave me weeping so, and even fewer things come anywhere close to touching that longing... that silence which cries out so loudly from my heart.
Wow! This is awesome writing! You certainly deserve your win!
Imagine the transformation in our world would everyone be as lost in the love of the Lord not only in "church", but also in our homes, streets, local city parks . . .
How dare that minister reminds me of Michal, King David's wife who ended up barren. That makes me shudder.
Oh Sherry. WOW. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, wonderful, glorious writing. It was perfectly written. I can't stop crying. This is amazing. I'm so glad you won first place. Every phrase, every description, every utterance is simply perfect. God has blessed you so much with this one, and you have blessed us so much by letting Him use you to write this. Awesome.
I can't stop picturing the scenario, feeling the thrill of her exuberance as she rejoices before the God of all Creation! I've read this about five times now and am still moved each time by this perfection of praise so beautifully framed with words. Congratulations! I can't say I've read anything as powerful as this piece! You're gift is "Master"ful!
Wow! I just ready your piece and it is still effective today as it was when you posted it. Anointed writing for sure! May we all be that obedient with abandon in worshipping our worthy Lord. I may just have to dance myself!! (byw, my name is Joy too)
This is such an inspiring piece! I don't think I have any words that other people didn't already use to describe this. If everyone could praise the Lord like this, we would be a happier people. This was definitely captivating to say the least. Thank you so much for sharing this piece!