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This piece gets right to the heart. The good friend, the waving flag - I like how it all came together.
I love the message you pointed out along with some of your descriptive sentences. Very nicely written.
"Be satisfied with Him! Just BE, and let Him BE. You dont have to DO, just BE! Hes everything you need. Everything." Amen! Wonderful read.
Thank you for this tender piece! You did a wonderful job describing the progression from childlike buoyancy to an overload of defense structures. Your ending hit home, too. (Your clinching sentence would be all the stronger except for the adverb 'grotesquely,' but that's easily fixed!) Nice job.

Such a beautiful portrait you paint of the little girl! Then, you show us a friend you knows how to reach out heart to heart. I don't know how you could make this any better, except to continue writing! Thank you for a precious story!
This is very precious. If you'd had a few more words, I'd have loved to see Abby run outside and do a dance in the rain, or something equally childlike. Really, really well done.
I was in the mood for a good, heartfelt story. Thanks for obliging! Great job! Blessings, Jo
I especially appreciated the description of the calendar, and the surprise revelation of Julie's misshapen fingers at the end.

I wonder if you were singing, "Joy is the flag flown high from the castle of my heart...." as you penned this.

You have some excellent descriptions. Well done!
You did a great job on this. Well written. Good story.
Love this heartfelt story!