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This is sooooooo funny! I'm talking laugh at loud, while it teaches you something. I was hooked from the beginning. fabulous!
I was hooked as well.

Ever thought of writing for teenagers? They would be laughing their pants off and not even know they were learning valuable lessons!

May the Lord keep blessing your writing!

Absolutely perfect! Funny and meaningful. I loved every word.
My daughter and I are reading this with tears streaming down our faces! If this isn't a winner, I don't know what is! The title was the hook!
BRAVO! The title got me in and I was not disappointed.
Laughing so hard I can't type! Thanks for the JOY! It started with the title...who would not venture in only to be thoroughly entertained. Great stuff!
This was so funny!! Someone has a great sense of humor..perfect timing with it mixed with a great lesson!! I really enjoyed this read!!:))
Hilarious. This could turn into a sit-com: "Everybody Loves Ben - Gay". Great writing.
This is definitely has me rolling on the floor laughing! This has the fumes to win!
Lovely. Really funny, and very skilfully written.
This was absolutely hilarious!
There are no words - ROFL!!
Ha ha! Very well done - (even the U missing from "squirming").

Great job!
WAY over the top excellence. Great work. This was a riot and contained a great message. Well done!
I loved this! Creative and funny, this one sounds like a winner to me!
Very cute! Well done!
Funny, immaginative story.
Oh, so funny! But I have to say that I don't think Ben-Gay stinks; I like the smell! Good job!
What a hook? From the title on you can't take your eyes away. Except to wipe out the tears from laughter. Loved it.
what a hoot! I could smell the ointment
LOL...LOL...LOL...this is great! Talk about taking things to the extreme!
This must have been a blast to write! Such an amazing message behind an absolutely hysterical story.
That has to be one of the most anointed titles I've ever read. The actual story did not disappoint. This is a classic in my book!!!