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What a beautiful recounting of a trial (whether it's fictional or real-life). And it's so true...sometimes it's 'Joy!' and other times it's 'Joy?'
The paragraph that begins 'Home for Christmas' confused me at first (but then, it's early...) I wasn't sure about the time passage, thought the narrator was Ma and that Amanda was alone in the hotel, coming in from college to see her mother. (750 words isn't always enough, is it?) I'm not sure how you could clarify that, or if you would need to--it could be just me.
Nice job, and a well told tale.
Wonderfully done, real emotion here. This sounds like a true story, one very close to your heart. You told it so that it is now close to my heart.

I love how the Joy! came back before the narrator even knew anything conclusively, but just had a glimmer of hope. I love the message of rejoicing in what's good even in the midst of the bad.

I agree, the home for Christmas paragraph was confusing - I too thought she was at least college age, then later we find out she is still five.

I am so happy that this story has such an amazing, happy ending. Good job!
I love this delightful look at JOY! Great job!
The joys with the question marks were particularly efffective. Good job.
Really heartwarming! I liked how your "joys" reflected perseverance, even in times when only questions surface. Thanks for inspiring me!
I really, really loved that last row of "joys." Having been through similar ups and downs with my own daughter's medical issues, I can definitely relate, and you portrayed the "hanging on to joy" beautifully.
Well done, good swing of emotions. The "Joy?" section was effective.
You really portrayed joy as much more than emotion. I liked that. Good job.. Kate~
Whether real or imagined, the character seems to know from whom their strength comes. For the joy of the Lord is our strength. And you have conveyed this truth masterfully as more than a mere emotion. But rather the power of clinging to His promise. Well done!
Your use of "Joy" was effective and played an important part in getting your point across. It's scary when that true feeling of joy is taken when the trials come to visit. But we can bask in the joy that much more when the struggles are over. Nice job! Jo
What a powerful message and so well done. I loved the way you used "joy" to add to the emotion. Good job.
Wow! This story is an emotional roller coaster. I started reading and settled in for a sentimental Mommy-moment. And then as soon as that first headache hit, I knew something was wrong and my stomach just plummetted. I was right with you through the "Joy?" phase. And those pieces of good news one after the other bounced me right up to the heavens. Hallelujah! What a fabulous entry!
This is so inspiring. This truly touched me. The way you use the word joy, sometimes as if you are grasping tightly and then inhaling deeply. Beautiful.
This is a wonderfully written testimony! I loved the questions and exclamations of joy.