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Me no speekie englis...however, very creative in a unique sort of way...but Prosperous? Sorry, didn't catch the lingo, but loved the sport. Thanks.
And I just finished packing my dictionary! You are rich in language, and I wouldn't dare steal a word from you (wouldn't know what to do with it!) Great writing.
Ha ha! The brilliance of this original is clever beyond Webster's. Words are truly treasures to a writer...And you, my friend, are most prosperous in this medium. Wonderful take on the topic, and few could have pulled it off so well.
I enjoyed this, but didn't quite understand it until I read Sherry's comment. Well done!
Ok--whoever wrote this, I want to be your best friend. You love words! Aren't they fun? This is EXACTLY the way that I think and collect words, and I adored it.
I think I'm in the presence of a former spelling bee champion.
Thy vocabulary exceedeth mine.
I commend you on a novel approach to this topic, but I'll leave a word of caution: be careful not to make your reader feel stupid.
I applaud your creativity and the subtle, yet effective way you focused on the word prosperity. Even though the majority of people will have to grab their dictionaries to understand what the words mean, the meaning is not really necessary. The words in and of themselves bring forth your intentions for this article perfectly!
" careful not to make your reader feel stupid." Too late. HA HA

Although your masterful use of syntax is wasted on me, your gift of creativity is not. Very unique approach. Good job.
I LOVED this! Prosperity of words. I'm going to use one of these words in my sequel! I don't know how yet, but I'm going to use one. How long did it take you to do this? You couldn't possibly have known all of these meanings! There was a sesame street episode once where they sang the alphabet as a song. They pronounced the alphabet as a word. Phonetically it sounded something like, "ab ca def gee hi jak lem nop q er stuv wix z" or something like that. And your POV. . . how clever and well pulled off. ;)
Genius! You have given me a treasure trove of words! Lovely, lovely words! And a marvelous story! What a delight to the senses. I thank you! :)
I don't have my dictionary handy but I loved the concept. It's a fact that words are our medium for communication.
You are, the word master. You have knowingly, engaged each of us in mental gymnastics. Loved the workout and your original take on prosperity. Bravo!
I was too dense to get it at first too - LOL - but now I see...and how obvious! Prosperity in the sense of tons of off-the-wall words. :-)

I admire your creativity. Amazing!

Creative, unique and I love it!!
Wow! That's amazing - especially the piece at the end!!!!!! Whew! Brilliant!