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No kidding! I can hardly believe that his owners wouldn't even be interested in stud fees. This is a very unique take on the theme and very well done.
Great piece! I'm not used to reading from animals POV, but it really made me feel sad after reading his final fate. I love the title, very fitting.
I certainly learned a lot from reading this entry! It seems to me that when writing from a horse's POV, you still should limit yourself to what a horse would know--the details like precise dollar amounts didn't seem to fit in with the horse's "voice." But I loved your unique approach to this topic.
Fascinating and inventive; it certainly held my interest.
This is certainly a creative and unique take on the topic. I'm not a big fan of reading animals' points of view, but I was interested to see where you were going with this. It was an interesting, informative piece, and you wrote it well.
I loved the piece but hated what happened to him in the end. You expressed it beautifully. Good job.
This is such polished writing! Reading it reminded me of the classic Black Beauty. Your compassion for those considered "dumb" animals shines through and gives the reader something to think about. Thank you!
This is great! I plugged right in to the "equine POV", the horse's youthful vision, hard work, victory, and (unfortunately) eventual demise. An involving read.