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Beautifully written memories of youth...very well done. We all have those memories and you reminded this reader of how rich we really are. Nicely done, and very well written.
Wonderful. It took me back to the family farm and the rich wealth that was tucked away in the old house and the grainery. Excellent writing.
Very beautiful writing here--every paragraph had at least one phrase or sentence that I just had to stop and savor. Lovely.
From "country rain", "sepia tinged home fideos" and "complaining hinges", just to name a few, it is obvious to this reader that you are very rich indeed. Reading this piece, I felt I was sitting in an old attic, dusting off my own memories. I was a little dissapointed to stop and look away from my monitor to see bright shiny skies out my window. You did an incredible job of taking me with you down memory lane.
This is beautiful - I agree! There are some beautiful nuggets of literary genius! My favorite line that really kept me in that setting, and kept my screaming children in the background at bay ;), was this: "the moment is tinted with the golden glow of the late afternoon sun."
Such caliber writing!
I was drawn to your article from the title, as I am a lover of antiques and special memories. After reading, I was thrilled. I was in that attic with you. Beautifully done! :)
Beautifully done! This was a favorite paragraph: "That summer still pulses through my memory, more than any other summer of my life. Thirty years later, those moments still play in my mind like sepia-tinged home videos. On rainy summer days, I still stop and relive those moments, carefully attentive, as of old photo album or scrapbook in my mind." Why? B/c I have summer memories like this...only mine are over half a century old. They still play in my mind with vivid accuracy. I really plugged in here; this was a very sentimental and emotional story.

Wonderful, rich indeed! Brought back precious memories. Very well written.
This would be a perfect submission for Riders & Reapers ezine (hint) (hint) :)