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I would imagine this was not an easy piece to write. I'm so glad she had those last six years where she was loved and encouraged - prosperous in ways that mean so much more than money. You held my attention throughout and my heart went out to Ann.
This was absolutely wonderful! I wanted to know more and more about Ann, and by the end, I felt as if I did know her, and I miss her already.

One small word choice quibble, but I could very well be wrong--perhaps "deprivation" instead of "depravity?"

What a fabulous character study.
Such a deep lesson here! Stories like these have the most meaning when they are close to the heart. Great job. Blessing, Jo
What a wonderful tribute to Ann.... I felt a little like I was reading my own biography... so many similarities, right down to the saxophone. I'm so glad she found a prosperity that transcended a shallow interpretation.
What a beautiful portrait of a disparate life turned rich through the blessings of the Lord. I love that you illustrated for us how her life was changed by many, many small blessings from God, and not just one big, life-changing event. You showed us that it's never too late to grow into the person God wants us to be, and that, perhaps, is the most important lesson of all.
This entry held my attention but I have to admit my first thoughts upon reading were that I wished you would "show" and not "tell" so much about Ann. But I realized then you wouldn't be able to give all the necessary information for your reader to understand the whole picture of Ann's life. Then, when I got to the end, it all came together and I was touched. Knowing this was a real person - and a relative of yours - made the story even better for me. Well done! Blessings, Lynda
This was a lovely tribute to Ann! I was a little distracted at first by your "telling" the details instead of showing them - but as I continued reading, it made more and more sense. You used the "telling" to create a bit of emotional distance, thereby "showing" how isolated Ann's life was. Brilliant!
Oh, this is a wonderfully told story of such a special person! Beth, you wrote this beautifully. I couldn't tear myself away from it once I began reading! Thank you for sharing Ann with us. She was so blessed to have you as her sister.
You did a great job on this piece. A beautiful tribute to your sister and to the God she learned to trust.
Wonderful heartfelt story, great job!
Beautiful, heart-rending story. I connected with many points in it as I'm sure others did also. Wonderful writing. Thank you for letting us get to know Ann.