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Great title, very creative story, and I love this line: "...his life was indelibly connected with that stream..."
Goodness! Such creativity! Very well written. I would've thought you had personal experiance with this. Your message was clear and right on target. Very very good job!
Great job. You made me sympathise with a tree! Really brought Psalm 1 to life.
Fantastic! Immensely creative, beautifully written...I could feel the metaphor come to life in my spirit. Especially satisfying is the picture of the tree's prosperity being shared with the other creatures. A winner in my book!
What a beautiful piece of writing! And, being a children's writer, I kept thinking you should write this up for the picture book crowd. Imagine being able to identify with a tree, I'm sure God does.
Ingenious personification! Well done.
I love, especially, how you so perfectly illustrate that a tree does not only grow "up", but also down into the soil around it. Your description of how the sun scorched the tree until it found root in the proper soil, and then the sun was a benefit is a great metaphor of our Christian walk. There are a great many things in the world that can be a tremendous blessing to us, IF we have our roots in Christ. Otherwise we are likely to become another part of this scorched earth. Great job! Thank you for writing and sharing it with us.
Beautiful. I love how you hinted to our connection to the Lord as compared to the tree's connection to the stream. Great job!
Wow! Such a poignant message written so creativly! One to ponder and not forget. A great devotional to start my day. Thank you!
Very nice job Lynda!
Wonderfully done. A vivid reminder of the Source of our strength... and that our roots should be deep even as we reach for the Son.
A tree is a very unique creation. And your creativity did a wonderful job of connecting us to natures gift. Nice job.
First-rate job on Psalm 1, one of my favorite passages!

Very Creative job, Lynda!
I love your illustration of this passage. Such a vital truth! You've done a great job of entertaining and teaching at the same time.
This is wonderful. So creative using a tree to describe life, survival, and prosperity. Beautifully written.
Almost, but not quite; I am speaking of my favorite poem of all time..."Trees", and your entry is "almost, but not quite" as good! That is a compliment indeed! Great job.
Bible verse exegeted in a most fascinating and entertaining way.
Love it! Creative and the message strong!
Loved the whole thing, but this paragraph especially grabbed me: "This conundrum of creation haunted the young tree. He couldn’t see below the rich, black soil that held his feet firmly planted. He could only feel the juicy wetness that seeped into his roots from the stream nearby; that unfailingly carried to his great heart the nutrients he required to be strong when he needed to be, and to bend when he had to."
Wonderful take on this biblical analogy. Very well written. Lovely!
Congratulations, Lynda! What a wonderful story! I'm going to send it to my parents, the perpetual gardeners!
Congrats! I'm back to say I loved it. :)
Congratulations, Lynda. Very well deserved
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I love this piece - the words you've used, the message and all - it's excellent!
Congratulations, dear friend! I'm thrilled to see your name in first place and on the Editors' Choice list. Now you will be up where you belong, jogging with the Masters! God bless you with all of His best!
Congratulations, Lynda! This exquisite piece has been stuck in my heart all week. A wellllll-deserved win! And now you're right where you should be: a Master FW!
This is just wonderful. I am truly inspired by the brilliant use of detail displayed in this story. I didn't read all of the entries but I am most certain your win is well deserved. I am somewhat new to Faithwriters but writings like this make me glad I became a part of it.
I just came upon this wonderful story by no accident. It is so beautiful and poetic in nature. I loved it. What a wonderful descriptive analogy, parable like in nature. May we find ourselves so connected to Him. Blessings and a late Congratulations.