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Great, great job. Your dialogue is superb! I loved how this story was about a man who lived his life based on hope. He had motivation, love and passion because of Hope and hope. Great writing, well crafed.
I could see shades of the Lord in this one small man. Who else had a plan—certainly not one that worked. Good job.
Creative and very well done!
Really loved reading this entry.
This was excellent. I loved the ending. Thanks.
Great ending! Be careful not to repeat yourself too often. I saw some of that in the first two paragraphs. This is well done though. It ministers on many levels, not only the picture of Jesus, but also the encouragement that each individual can make a difference in this world.
Well done. Your analogy of Jesus in this man struck a strong cord for me. It only takes one to make a change. Your writing is excellent in dialoguing. I reread the beginning after learning his daughter's name was Hope and appreciated your subtle use of Hope being this father's motivation. Clever and compelling to read. You held my attention throughout.
05/16/06 story is just sucked me right in. I liked your scene descriptions in the beginning. You really set the stage for what was to come.
Congratulations, Joe! Great job! I'd looked for a hint for yours on the board, didn't find it. So I'm glad it was pointed out to me and I got to read it, it's great!
Lovely creative piece. Great dialogue, and immensely readable. Strong mesage. Well done on HC
Nicely done. It does suck you into the dialog. You look around and find yourself there. Congratulations on a job well done.

I did notice at least one typo. But it didn't distract from the reading one bit.
This challenges your reader for sure. Good points wrapped in convincing dialogue. Well done!